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How main contractors are guaranteeing ROI with procurement software

Main contractors use specialised procurement software to cut costs, increase value and streamline the procurement process, ultimately improving their bottom line. Here are 6 key ways that main contractors are enabling ROI with their procurement software, plus an easy way for you to forecast what your ROI could be.

Construction News Round-Up - April 2024

Welcome to ProcurePro’s monthly construction news round-up, where we highlight key stories in the industry across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland.

ProcurePro recognised in AFR Fast 100

ProcurePro, a technology platform revolutionising procurement for the construction industry, has been recognised in the Australian Financial Review's (AFR) 2023 Fast 100 list. The recognition places ProcurePro as the 25th fastest growing company in Australia, rubbing shoulders with some of Australia’s most exciting and rapidly-growing companies.

The Value of Scope of Works Libraries for Construction Companies

A Scope of Works Library is a comprehensive collection of standardised company templates, documents, and guidelines that relate to various construction tasks, trades, and project phases. These libraries include a wide range of documents, including specifications, standard operating procedures, quality control protocols, and safety guidelines.

Construction Technology: Transforming the Industry

Technology is enabling rapid change in nearly every industry, and construction is poised to be a major beneficiary. Why? It's simple, technology propels progress. It blazes trails, breaks barriers, and bolsters growth. In fast-moving industries that rely on velocity and momentum, equipping your teams with the right technology has never been more important.

ProcurePro streamlines construction procurement

Through its connected, intuitive platform ProcurePro is eliminating the common issues faced during the procurement process, allowing construction businesses to keep their projects on the move and on budget.

7 Benefits of Electronic Signatures in Construction Subcontracts

In the fast-paced and high-stakes world of construction, time is of the essence. Every minute saved is an opportunity to accelerate project timelines and enhance profitability. Electronic signatures (eSignatures) have emerged as a game-changer for the industry.

7 Steps Of The Procurement Process

Procurement involves many moving parts, and when you put it in the context of large-scale construction projects - such as residential apartment buildings, schools or hospitals - the process often spans multiple years and involves the procurement of 30-100 subcontractors, thousands of separate materials and items.

The Treasure Trove of Construction: Procurement Data

“Procurement is the biggest risk for our business” is a statement that has echoed through the construction industry over the last three years. Procurement has always been mission-critical to setting projects up for success.

What Is Construction Tendering?

Construction tendering is the process that Head Contractors follow when they need to request and receive prices for a specific piece of work within a project. Tendering sits within the wider procurement process to ensure that Head Contractors are getting the best value for money and the best quality when it comes to construction work.

10 Common Risks of Construction Procurement

When it’s not done right, procurement carries several risks that can impact the success of the project. Here are the 10 key risks of construction procurement, from the perspective of a Head Contractor procuring trades.

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