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ProcurePro streamlines construction procurement

By Alastair Blenkin, updated 20 Sep 2023
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Through its connected, intuitive platform ProcurePro is eliminating the common issues faced during the procurement process, allowing construction businesses to keep their projects on the move and on budget.

Procurement is mission critical to the success of construction projects. It’s one of the first processes head contractors carry out on a project and yet traditionally has been a disjointed, high-risk and time-consuming endeavour. Identifying the need for a better way, ProcurePro launched in 2020 and its solution is now cutting the time construction businesses spend procuring by up to 50 per cent.

Purpose-built for head contractors, ProcurePro is a powerful software solution that helps businesses procure trades quickly and efficiently, with complete visibility and control.

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Alastair Blenkin

Alastair Blenkin

Alastair Blenkin is the Founder & CEO of Construction-Technology company, ProcurePro - game changing procurement software for Head Contractors. His passion for building technology to transform industries was catalysed in the legal sector. He has experienced first-hand the staggering inefficiencies of high-volume enterprise contracting using legacy systems. This fuelled Alastair’s passion for leveraging technology to change the way the game is played.

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