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Easy to implement, fast to scale

ProcurePro’s implementation is fast and effective. We prioritise getting you set up for success as quickly as possible.
7 days
to setup
Your dedicated account manager personalises your company configuration.
14 days
to go live
We train your team and help set up your projects so you can start procuring.
90 days
to scale
Your people are comfortable, champions developed and ProcurePro is live across all projects.
60 sec
for support
Real people answering your questions in real time so you’re never left waiting.

Not your typical ConTech implementation, here’s why...

Same process

You already know how to procure, we’ve just brought it all together on one platform.

Easy to use

Intuitive software that new users instinctively adopt with minimal training, like a duck to water.

Commercial staff

Are tech focused and always looking for efficiencies.

Existing Projects

Easy to setup and use on existing projects, not just waiting for new projects to get started.

Time to scale

Company wide adoption in months, not years.


Let’s call out the elephant in the room

Scared of implementing software? Lets face it, you’re not alone.

Everyone’s got scars from tech implementations gone wrong, or taking way too long.

We’ve been there too, we understand the pain. We believe the construction industry deserves better.

We're committed to showing you how implementations should be done, set the new standard and raise your expectations.
Balmain & Co

"Absolutely loving it! Buy-in and uptake from staff has been really great and couldn’t have asked for a better transition. Really pleased that we made the decision, especially looking at the projects we’ve got ahead of us."

Mick O'Connell
Mick O'Connell
Construction Manager, Balmain & Co
Alchemy Construct

“Implementation of a new system can be daunting & time-consuming, but it was actually seamless. The initial plan was a 3-month timeline, but ended up doing it in 2 months, and could have gone quicker."

Adrian Gilmore
Adrian Gilmore
Contracts Manager, Alchemy Construct

Fast implementation that sets you up for success

Project teams procuring 50% faster in no time.

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