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Frequently asked questions


What does ProcurePro do?

ProcurePro is Construction Procurement Software, which includes procurement schedules, scope of works, tenders, comparisons, approvals, electronic signature and analytics. Learn more here.

Who is ProcurePro for?

ProcurePro is purpose-built for construction Head Contractors working in Commercial Construction, Fitout, Major Infrastructure and similar. Book a demo to see if ProcurePro is for you.

Do subcontractors need to sign up, log in or pay?

No. Subcontractors can access tenders via emails containing a secure link. It’s frictionless, no need for them to pay, sign up or log in.

What integrations are available?

ProcurePro integrates with Procore, Aconex, DocuSign, PowerBI, Microsoft Online, Jobpac, Cheops, Australian Business Register, New Zealand Business Register and Companies House (UK). Learn more here.

Training & Support

Is ProcurePro easy to implement?

Yes! We understand that nearly every business has battle scars from ‘tech implementations gone wrong’ (including us), so we’ve made it our mission to set a new standard for tech implementations. Learn more here.

Does ProcurePro require training?

Training is readily available but in reality many people take to ProcurePro like a duck to water. It’s highly intuitive, easy to use and requires minimal training.

What support does ProcurePro offer?

Our support is second to none, with a 60 second response time to all requests. Easily accessible via our in-app chat, and always talking to a real person.


How much does ProcurePro cost?

We charge an implementation fee (once off) and licence fee (annual), tailored to the size of your business. For a quote, talk to our sales team.

What’s included in the price?

Unlimited users, projects and support. Your licence fee includes access to all existing and new features of ProcurePro. There are no hidden costs, no gated functionality, integrations or costs to access your data.

Does ProcurePro offer a trial period?

Our standard terms include a 60 day early exit clause, which we’re proud to say no customer has ever exercised.

We don’t use the term ‘trial’ because software implementations requires commitment by all involved to scale and succeed.

What is the return on investment (ROI)?

We typically see an ROI of 10-30x. We’ll take you through an industry-tested ROI calculator that can be used in a business case. Talk to our team.


Where is my data stored?

ProcurePro is cloud-based, hosted via Amazon Web Services (AWS). We utilise AWS to manage our infrastructure remotely, providing on-demand scalability, security, and dependability that modern business demands.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Securing your data is of the utmost importance to us. Detailed security documentation can be provided on request. Talk to our team.

Who owns the data?

You do. We own the software, you own your data.

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