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Comparisons & Recommendations

Easily compare subcontractors, consolidate collaboration and gain velocity in your decision making.
Compare apples for apples

Compare apples for apples

Compare subcontractors with complete flexibility and extract valuable pricing information across your supply chain.

Standardise decision making

Standardise decision making

Gain control with a consistent form of recommendation, consolidated information and embedded approval workflows.


Stop chasing. Accelerate procurement

Never lose track of where procurement is up to, no more chasing your team, just view status in real-time.

All in one place

Automatically construct recommendations with information captured throughout the procurement process.

Stronger governance

Capture all required information and documentation to justify decisions in the event of an audit.

Approval workflows

Embed your limits of authority and collaborate on approvals with complete traceability.

Monarch Building Solutions

ProcurePro provides a standard template for the comparison and recommendation workflows. We’re not wasting a directors time signing something off that he doesn’t need to see, and saving a couple hours per recommendation.”

Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas
Construction Manager, Monarch Building Solutions

Easy to implement, fast to scale

Implementation is fast and effective. We prioritise getting you set up for success as quickly as possible.


Everything procurement, in one place

Procurement Schedule

Unparalleled visibility over the status of procurement.

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Scope of Works Library

Prevent scope gaps, reduce revenue leakage and improve profitability.

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Tenders & Price Breakdowns

Streamline tendering and become the best Head Contractor to work with.

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Vendor Management

Identify supply chain risks and opportunities.

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Contract Creation

Prevent human errors by automating the grunt work, so you can focus on the details.

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Electronic Signature

Contracts signed fast with built-in eSignature.

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Reporting & Analytics

Game-changing procurement insights live at your fingertips.

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Comparisons and recommendations dragging on? Not anymore

Procure 50% faster with streamlined decision-making.

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