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Reporting & Analytics

No need to update spreadsheets, game changing procurement insights live at your fingertips.
Insights that matter

Insights that matter

Data that truly alters outcomes, not just reports on them.

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    Drive performance
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    Pinpoint & mitigate risk
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    Stronger financial outcomes

A treasure trove of procurement insights

Company-wide procurement status

All projects, live progress. Identify outstanding trades posing financial risk.

Supply chain visibility

Understand where subcontractors are engaged, tendering and price analytics.

Tender coverage

Ensure sufficient requests made and quotes received across all tenders.

Bulk purchasing opportunities

Identify the same trade being procured across multiple Projects at similar times.

Estimating performance & trends

Budget accuracy, gain/loss by trade to feed insights back to Estimating.

Lead time risk

Where procurement is behind schedule, creating risk of project delays.

Cost escalation risk

See where subcontractors have been approved, but no contract signed.

Time to contract

Drive velocity and performance of teams and individuals.

Staff workload

Understand performance, improve resource allocation and reduce bottlenecks

Richard Crookes Constructions

"The data produced by ProcurePro provides a true status of procurement at all times."

Mark Rafiq
Mark Rafiq
Commercial Manager, Richard Crookes Constructions

Easy to implement, fast to scale

Implementation is fast and effective. We prioritise getting you set up for success as quickly as possible.


Everything procurement, in one place

Procurement Schedule

Unparalleled visibility over the status of procurement.

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Scope of Works Library

Prevent scope gaps, reduce revenue leakage and improve profitability.

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Tenders & Price Breakdowns

Streamline tendering and become the best Head Contractor to work with.

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Comparisons & Recommendations

Easily compare subcontractors, streamline approvals.

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Vendor Management

Identify supply chain risks and opportunities.

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Contract Creation

Prevent human errors by automating the grunt work, so you can focus on the details.

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Electronic Signature

Contracts signed fast with built-in eSignature.

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Game changing procurement insights

Positive project outcomes, 50% faster with live procurement data.

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