Monarch Building Solutions

Efficient procurement that increases profitability

Using the latest procurement software, Monarch Building Solutions secures top-quality trades at great rates


estimated savings in 12 months

60 - 70%

faster procurement


easier to procure trades

About Monarch Building Solutions

Monarch Building Solutions is a construction company that offers design, construction, and project management services in Canberra, NSW, and nearby regions. Since 2005, they have delivered projects ranging from $100K to $20 million, with a focus on safety and quality, resulting in multiple awards.

Business challenges
  • Optimising procurement has always been top of mind—but never had the appropriate solution to effectively speed up the process while maintaining high standards.
  • Using outdated and disconnected systems to track and manage procurement was unreliable, and led to inefficiencies and missed opportunities.
ProcurePro solution
  • ProcurePro provides a standard and centralised template for the entire procurement process.
  • Allows project teams to maintain visibility and control throughout the entire procurement workflow, enabling them to work faster and produce higher-quality results.
  • A single, centralised system reduces double handling and speeds up decision-making.
Key projects procured with ProcurePro

HACT - Greenway

Karabar Mall

QKRLC Brewery

"Recommendations used to take 2-4 hours to prepare, they now take 30 minutes. Our contracting admin (preparation, issuing, signing, scanning etc), used to take a day per contract, it now takes less than an hour."

Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas
Construction Manager

"I would highly recommend any head contractor use ProcurePro... it's a platform that's at the cutting edge of procurement. It saves time and costs, and it even improves quality for that matter."

Brent Sinclair
Brent Sinclair
Project Manager