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Attract the best talent by equipping them with the right tools

Kapitol Group pioneer next generation procurement technology, leading change for the commercial construction industry

15 hrs

saved per trade


estimated savings in 12 months

6 weeks

time to scale across all projects

Business challenges
  • The senior management team had limited oversight through the procurement process.
  • Costs of non compliance (eg: contracts contain errors/not signed/lost)
  • Large amounts of admin work with manual procurement methods were draining productivity and removing the joy from work for their commercial team.
  • The market for talent was competitive and expensive. Not being up to date with software was a setback to attracting and retaining top tier talent
The ProcurePro advantage
  • The up-to-date and live data across procurement enables management to proactively identify risks and opportunities with unparallelled visibility.
  • Enhanced team collaboration and improved business culture
  • The requirement for resources on procurement has been reduced. Teams have been able to have one Contracts Administrator on a project instead of two or more.
About Kapitol Group

Kapitol Group is one of Australia's fastest-growing construction groups built by a team with many decades of combined industry experience. Based in Melbourne, building Nationwide, Kapitol Group test and apply tech-based innovations and work to lift up the industry with them.

Key projects procured with ProcurePro

Next DC Data Centres

Parkhill Mixed Use Development

161 Eastern Residential Apartments

"ProcurePro is a game changer! You’d be crazy not to use it. From an owner’s point of view, the complete transparency is unbelievable... there's no hiding or faking it. It's efficient, intuitive and has helped us attract and retain smart people, who spend more time on higher value work."

Andrew Deveson
Andrew Deveson
Director, Kapitol Group

"Over my last 10 years in Tier 1 construction I have been crying out for something like ProcurePro. The old way of procuring was like riding a horse, compared to now it’s like driving a Tesla."

Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown
Contracts Manager, Kapitol Group